About Mobility Theory

Mobility Theory is a culmination of its' founders' years of experience and hard work in the fields of interactive media and web development. Sprinkle in a passion for gaming, and an opportunity that is the Apple App Store, and you have a recipe for success.

Jose R. Perez founded Mobility Theory, LLC. after deciding to part ways with his previous endeavour "Trusun Media Inc." where he spent years maturing his skills, developing and designing interactive websites for celebrities, universities, and corporations. Along the way he met Shayne and Jonathan Break, two brothers with an equal passion for gaming and development. Together they formed an unstoppable team that would later create Mobility Theory's breakthrough title, "Turtle River Adventure".

We are passionate about gaming. We believe the mobile platform allows for the most captivating and intimate gaming experience. Mobility Theory will continue to push the boundaries of mobile gaming and provide you with the most entertaining and engaging game titles 99 cents can buy ;) .

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